BADGES (PINS) are one of the best promotional items, they can be your business card or a nice attention annexed to one of your business proposals.
BADGES can serve political parties or NGO's to sustain campaigns.
Sport events, clubs, reunions, schools are using BADGES with many occasions.
BADGES mark and later keep the memories of events.
We hope that visiting us you will want to own a BADGES (PIN) maybe for promotion, fun, or because you already collect them.
You tell us what your wish is and our team will do its best to fulfill it!

We produce printed pins (badges) on metallic support, protected with transparent film, with a pin on the backside.
The model is printed high quality. Dimensions available are: 20, 25, 38 mm or 56 mm.

If these informations are not enough, please contact Asociatia Divers, office@divers.org.ro.